Panel Session: FARM RESTRUCTURING AND EFFICIENCY Privatization, Farm Structures and Efficiency of Agricultural Production in Central and Eastern Europe


Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe, D – 06112 Halle, Germany


SCHULZE, E. and P. TILLACK, 1999. Privatization, farm structures and efficiency of agricultural production in Central and Eastern Europe. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5:266-277

The paper focuses on the privatization and reorganisation of the agricultural enterprises, the privatization of land and farm assets in Central and Eastern European transition countries. Privatization forms and procedure are distinguished. Selected property rights associated with the ownership of agricultural used land are described. Sale of land to foreigners is not allowed in the most countries. The paper also concern with the legal forms and the farm size. The largest percentage of land workerd by peasant and part-time farms is found in Albania, followed by Latvia. In Slovakia and Moldavia the biggest part is managed by cooperatives. In Russia limited liability corporations and joint stock companies rank first. Profits on sales and eqity return in farms of selected countries by legal status are demonstrated. In Hungary and Czechia a large number of agricultural enterprises seem to have stabilized on a certain level, Russia reports a drastically worsened situation in her farms. This trend finds its expression also in the ratios for material production, for example in the milk yield per cow and year. Countries with a labor-intensive agriculture as Romania, Albania, Slovenia, and Poland have already exceeded 1996 the milk yield level of 1989. But also in Czechia, which has a more capital-intensive milk production, reached a higher milk yield level than 1989. In Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia and Bulgaria, however, the download trend lasted also 1996.

Key words: privatization, farm structures, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, agricultural production

1 Doz. Dr. habil. Eberhard Schulze, Prof. Dr. habil. Dr. h. c. Peter Tillack, Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe, Magdebuger Straße 1, D-06112 Halle, Germany;,