Technical equipment of farms for comfortable cow keeping in winter conditions

Vyacheslav Chernoivanov1, Aleksey Katkov2, Ildar Gabitov2, Gennadi Yukhin2, Vladimir Martynov2, Eduard Khasanov2, Salavat Mudarisov2, Denis Baltikov2, Rasul Khammatov2, Pavel Kovalev2
1 Federal Scientific Agroengineering Center VIM, Moscow 109428, Russia
2 Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Education “Bashkir State Agrarian University”, Ufa 450001, Russia


Chernoivanov, V., Katkov, A., Gabitov, I., Yukhin, G., Martynov, V., Khasanov, E., Mudarisov, S., Baltikov, D., Khammatov, R., & Kovalev, P. (2019). Technical equipment of farms for comfortable cow keeping in winter conditions. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 25(Suppl. 2), 45–53

The aim of the study is the reduction of energy consumption in the livestock house through the development and justification of microclimate and watering parameters, creating comfortable conditions for a cow in winter. The proposed air supply and recirculation unit saves energy by reducing the need for air exchange as a result of drying the air inside the building, as well as the released heat during the condensation of water vapors. For the theoretical description of the technological process of providing the microclimate parameters in the barn it is proposed to use the laws of thermodynamics taking into account the phase transformation of moisture. The circulation system of water supply to the auto-drinkers excluding liquid freezing, is proposed. The water supply system is provided with a device for information transmission about water consumption to a computer for remote data analysis and organizational decision-making. The method of determining the parameters of the microclimate in the barn is proposed. As a result of using the proposed system, energy savings during the heating season in the amount of 133 thousand kW per hour is achieved.

Keywords: cows watering; ventilation; microclimate; water vapor; dew point

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