Restocking cut in the birch forest with spruce crops under the canopy

Aydar K. Gabdelkhakov, Ildar G. Sabirzyanov, Kamil M. Gabdrakhimov, Zagir Z. Rakhmatullin, Ilnur A. Mullagaleev
Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment of Higher Education “Bashkir State Agrarian University”, Ufa 450001, Bashkortostan,  Russia


Gabdelkhakov, A. K., Sabirzyanov, I. G., Gabdrakhimov, K. M., Rakhmatullin, Z. Z. & Mullagaleev, I. A. (2019). Restocking cut in the birch forest with spruce crops under the canopy. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 25 (Suppl. 2), 59–65

The paper gives the analysis of subordinate spruce crops growing in birch forests with bush oak trees after different kind of restocking cuts. The cut intensity influences on the damage of 15-year old spruce crops. Thus, when 40-70% of forest stand is cut, the damage doesn’t exceed 16%. During the clear cut when upper canopy is removed the damage reaches 45%.
During the first year after upper canopy cut, as it is shown in the paper, there is a decrease in height growth. Five years later after restocking cut the average height of the subordinate spruce crop not only reaches the level it was in the cut year, but also increases by 1.6-2.1 times. Partial or full removal of the upper stand canopy is in general good for spruce growth.

Keywords: restocking cut; spruce crops; height growth; conservation; forest plantations; spruce growth; canopy

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