A methodological approach to grain market research in Bulgaria

Mariya Stanimirova and Desislava Ivanova
University of Economics – Varna


Stanimirova, M. & Ivanova, D. (2023). A methodological approach to grain market research in Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 29 (Supplement 1), 107–112

The grain market is a complex economic system that is affected in climate factors, government regulation, the effectiveness of the institutions, the availability of appropriate infrastructure, the intensity of competition of economic entities, etc. The countries of the Black Sea region, to which Bulgaria belongs, are among the main participants of the world grain market, providing a total of nearly 1/3 of the world market export. The war in Ukraine from 2022, reflect a destabilization of the global grain market and reinforce the legitimate concerns of experts about global food security. The international situation affects the stability of the grain market in countries such as Bulgaria, which are significantly affected by the crisis.
The purpose of this report is to present a methodological framework for studying the stability of the grain market in Bulgaria. In the context of the presented methodological approach, market stability is considered as a key measure of food security, along with grain availability, access and utilization. A stable market implies predictability in terms of price changes and basic parameters such as demand, supply and quality of the produced output. In addition, the predictability of the market and the possibility of forecasting its basic parameters should be evaluated from the positions of all participants in the market system.

Keywords: food security; food stability; grain market

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