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Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science (BJAS)® is a peer-reviewed, open access, online and print journal, issued bimonthly. It has been published in English since 1995. It publishes original research papers, review articles and brief communications from all areas of agricultural science including agricultural economics, agroecology, agrochemisty and soil science, crop science, plant protection, animal science, veterinary medicine, fisheries and aquaculture, agricultural engineering, food technologies and other related areas.

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Publisher: Agricultural Academy of Bulgaria
Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Martin Banov
Executive editor: Vania Draganova
E-mail: bjas_sb@abv.bg
Web: www.agrojournal.org

Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Note to contributors

Volume 28 Number 3 June 2022


Evaluation of the price transmission in the commodity chain of milk and butter in the Czech Republic

Jana Lekesová and Ivana Blazkova


Business model for cooperation between agricultural holdings and scientific institutes – methodological aspects

Nina Koteva, Mihaela Mihailova and Plamena Yovchevska


Current state and usage limitations of vegetation indices in precision agriculture

Bojin Bojinov, Bozhidar Ivanov and Silviya Vasileva

The effect of rootstock on vegetative development and flower production in modern garden roses (Rosa canina L.)

Nexhat Balaj, Hyzer Rizani , Naser Kamberi and Llazar Haxhinasto

Dependencies between quantitative traits, determining the seed productivity in white lupine accessions

Valentin Kosev and Natalia Georgieva

Evaluation of the effect of different herbicides and herbicidal combinations on mixed weed flora and Vicia ervilia L. yield

Sofiya Petrova, Stanislav Stamatov and Blagoy Andonov

Influence of some rootstocks and interstocks on the growth and fruiting of cherry cultivar Summit Identification and characterization of drought tolerant local populations of Cucurbitaceae

Dimitar Sotirov and Stanislava Dimitrova

Identification and characterization of drought tolerant local populations of Cucurbitaceae

Elisaveta S. Vasileva and Radoslav R. Chipilski

Cyanogenic glycosides in broomcorn (Sorghum vulgare var. technicum (Körn.)) according growth stages

Irena Golubinova and Plamen Marinov – Serafimov

Variations in proline accumulation and relative water content under water stress characterize bean mutant lines (P. vulgaris L.)

Veselina Masheva, Velichka Spasova-Apostolva, Sibel Aziz and Nasya Tomlekova

Efficiency of different doses of insectofungicidal biopreparation (Gaupsin) against phytophthora of tomato in Adjara, Georgia

Otar Shainidze, Shota Lamparadze, Nodar Beridze Guram Chkubadze and Giorgi Macharadze


Characterization of modern durum wheat genotypes (Triticum durum Desf.) for some morphological, physiological and biochemical parameters under the effect of water treatment (rainfall and irrigation) in semi-arid environments

Bourahla, A. and H. Chennafi

Evaluation of genetic diversity and structuration across altitude of walnut (Juglans regia L.) accessions from Morocco using SSR markers

Ghizlane Kabiri, Said Bouda and Abdelmajid Haddioui

Estimation of heritability and genetic advance for grain yield and its components in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under genotype by environmental interaction

Nikolay Tsenov, Todor Gubatov, Ivan Yanchev, Atanas Sevov


The impact of soil compaction with different harvest technologies caused by agricultural machinery

Kamil Roman, Anita Konieczna, Michał Roman, Andrzej Oleksy and Arkadiusz Niedziółka

Agronomic performance of maize crop in response to the application of metabasalt powder rates

Alan M. Zuffo, Karen A. D.d. Morais, Jorge González Aguilera, Rafael Felippe Ratke and Fábio Steiner

Disclosure of stress driver’s traits related to reliability in normal, drought and heat prone settings in bread wheat advanced lines

Muhammad Zulkiffal, Javed Ahmed, Muhammad Owais, Nadeem Ahmed, Aneela Ahsan, Aziz ur Rehman, Javed Anwar, Muhammad Riaz, Yasir Ramzan, Mohammad Musa and Majid Nadeem


Lithothamnium calcareum in the diet of Japanese quails improves the external quality of eggs

Rafael d.S. Badeca, Jean K. Valentim, Rodrigo G. Garcia, Bruna d. S. Eberhart, Felipe C. Serpa, Isabelli D. B. Pereira, Gisele A. Felix, Maria F.d. C.Burbarelli, Claudia M. K. E.B. Correa and Alexandre R. M. Fernandes

Opportunities for sheep welfare improvement by silymarin additive – a review article

Nadya Bozakova and Veselin Ivanov

Influence of different inclusion levels of wheat dried distiller’s grains with soluble (DDGS) in the diet of growing pigs on the digestibility of nutrients

Gancho Ganchev, Atanas Ilchev and Krum Nedelkov

Determination of suitable cutting height for green fodder Trichanthera gigantea grown for animal feed

Tran Thi Hoan, Tu Trung Kien and Tu Quang Hien

Infestation with protostrongylids of the Balkan chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica, Bolkey 1925) in Rila National Park, Bulgaria: preliminary data

Y. Yankov, D. Georgiev, P. Iliev, A. Tonev, S. Arangelov, K. Valchev, D. Panayotov and S. Peeva

Alpha S1-casein genetic variations in Bulgarian sheep breeds and significance on milk casein fractions

Deyana Gencheva, Darina Pamukova, Nikolina Naydenova, Petya Veleva, and Milena Tzanova


Influence of agricultural cultivation methods on the physicochemical and colour parameters of Florina apples during storage in conventional refrigerated rooms

Galya Dobrevska, Petya Ivanova and Manol Dallev

General linear models based on physicochemical parameters of monofloral and multifloral bee honey: Part 2

P. Veleva, S. Lazarov and I. Zhelyazkova


Temperature-humidity working conditions in a milking parlor for cows

Dimo Dimov, Toncho Penev and Ivaylo Marinov