Examining Feasible Income Effects of Slovenian Agriculture in the Light of Future Accession to EU


University of Ljubliana, Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenia


ERJAVEC, E., M. REDNAK, J. TURK, and T. VOLK, 1999. Examining feasible income effects of Slovenian agriculture in the light of future accession to EU. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5:278-290

This paper explores the major production and economic features of Slovenian agriculture in comparison with the prevailing European Union (EU) agricultural system characteristics. In doing that, a special emphasis is placed upon the investigation of several plausible scenarios in integrating the Slovenian agricultural production into the single agricultural produce market. A development of static simulation deterministic model enables us to derive some sound empirical basis on which our policy recommendations are based. The model rests on the net income calculations, which are carried out for all the staple agricultural commodities in Slovenia. The empirical results obtained generally imply that after the accession the budget support in domestic agriculture is very likely to be enhanced substantially. A predominant share of this support is expected to come from domestic resources.

Key words: Slovenian agriculture, economic features, European Union, domestic resources

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