Social Policy in the Field of Incomes under the Conditions of a Current Reform in the Agriculture


University for National and World Economy, Department of Agribusiness, BG-1100 Sofia, Bulgaria


HRISTOVA, S. and H. HRISTOV, 1999. Social policy in the field of incomes under the conditions of a current reform in the agriculture. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5:390-396

Household incomes policy is an essential part of social policy and it is also an important social indicator for the development of the latter. Incomes policy is an instrument for determination, differentiation and regulation of incomes.
The report focuses on the main sources of incomes and studies the trend of their changes. The structure of household expenditures is analyzed and the level of consumption of goods and services of household is estimated. The existencs of a relation between consumption and standard in rural areas is proved.
Incomes differentiation of households from rural areas during the period of reform is examined.
Also factors, determining this differentiation are discussed.

Key words: social policy, field of incomes, current reform, agriculture

* ŻAss.Prof. Svetlinka. Hristova, Ass.Prof.Hristo Hristov – Department of Agribusiness, UNWE