Fruits and Vegetables Marketing Channels


Chief Administrative Secretary of the President of Republic of Bulgaria


CHRISTOV, R., 1999. Fruits and vegetables marketing channels. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5:397-402

The author analyses the production and trade with fruits and vegetables in Bulgaria in the period of transition to a market economy. He describes their main characteristics as follows:
l the leading role of food processing industry: large-scale processors virtually stopped operating, almost completed privatization, lack of fruits and vegetables, import of tomato concentrate;
l the share of households' production in the volume of consumption: a typical feature of fruits and vegetables sector in Bulgaria, which has increased during the period concerned;
l the regional differences and regional specialization; the differences and regional specialization; the differences of the climatic conditions determine the time when the major products arrive at the market: there is regional specialization on specific kinds of fruits and vegetables;
A special emphasis is made on the features of the producers' markets for fruits and vegetables whose role will further increase. The author explains the real state of these markets at the moment.
Another topic in the paper is the export of Bulgarian fruits and vegetables. It has been strongly reduced after the disappearance of the old distribution system.
Concerning the marketing channels, the author points out three principal directions of movement in the country. He mentions the factors which influence the flows of produce between the other regions. The distribution before and after the political change in Bulgaria is defined.

Key words: Bulgarian marketing channels, fruits, vegetables, transition period