Influence of Natural Products of Macrolofus costalis Fieb. on Tobacco


Agricultural University, Department of Agroecology, BG- 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


NIKOLOV, A., 1999. Influence of natural products of Macrolofus costalis Fieb. on tobacco. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 415-418

The bitter extracts of Galeopsis tetrachid and Marrubium peregrinum in 2% and 1%, applied independently and directly against adults to Macrolofus costalis was shown mortality between 2 and 26% in interval 1-4 days after treatment.
Unrafined grape seed oil in concentration 0.5% in the same condition killed between 2% and 11% on adults. The standard Parak in 0.4% between 3% 17%, respectively.
The combination of 2% from G. tetrahit with 0.5% of un rafined grape oil was more tolerants upon Macrolofus costalis.

Key words: Macrolofus costalis Fieb., natural products, tobacco, Galeopsis tetrachit, Marrubium peregrinum