Freezing Ability of Sperm from Young Buffalo and Cattle Bulls


Buffalo Research Institute with Biotehnology Center, BG 9700 Shoumen, Bulgaria


KOLEV, S. I. and K. DIMOV, 1999. Freezing ability of sperm from young buffalo and cattle bulls. Bug. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 497-501

The freezing ability of sperm from 5 buffalo and 5 cattle young bulls has been studied. The sperm has been frozen in concentrated pellet forms in extender GH22. The traits motility and thermal resistance of the spermatozoa have been studied after thawing. Considerable individual differences have been established regarding the studied traits in buffaloes and in cattle as well. The variance analisys shows that the season of obtaining the sperm does not significantly infuence its freezing ability. A high positive correlation (P<0.001) has been established between the motility of the reanimated spermatozoa after deep freezing and their motility after 5 h incubation at temperature 390C.

Key words: bull, season, cryoconservation, sperm