Prevalence of the Hydatid Echinococcosis in Plovdiv District


1Regional Veterinary Research Institute, BG-4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2Central Veterinary Research Institute, BG-1600 Sofia, Bulgaria


TONCHEVA, V. and P. ZHELYASKOV, 1999. Prevalence of the hydatid echinococcosis in Plovdiv district. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 525-528

During l992-1994 a study on distribution of hydatid echinococcosis in Plovdiv region was carried out. Slaughtered animals were studied in April-November. By the methods of partial helminthological autopsy 8140 sheep, 3449 cattles and 5669 swines were examined. The animals descent from highland regions had more hydatid disease in sheep (50.0%), cattle ( 29.0%), swine (3.3%) than those from semi-highland regions in sheep (29.4%), cattle (17.3%), swine (2.0%) and plains in sheep ( l6.2%), cattle ( 11.8%), swine (1.2%). Echinococcus cysts were most frequently found in lungs of cattle (62.1%), followed by sheep (55.9%) and by swine in liver (53.2%). The most of the fertile cysts were found in liver of sheep (46.0%), in liver of swine (43.0%) and only 5.0% in lungs of cattle.

Key words: hydatid echinococcosis, prevalence, fertile cysts, sheep, cattle, swine