Relations between Exterior and Lineal Measurements of Carcass and Meat Productivity of Buffalo Calves


Buffalo Research Institute with Biotechnology Center, BG 9700 Shoumen, Bulgaria


DIMOV, K., 1999. Relations between exterior and lineal measurements of carcass and meat productivity of buffalo calves. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 777-781

A study has been carried out on the phenotypic relations between the basic body measurements and some lineal measurements of carcass with the traits characterizing the meat productivity in buffalo calves from the newly created buffalo population in Bulgaria.
It has been established that the best phenotypic relations between the exterior measurements neight at waist, slanting length of body, length of rump and chest measure with the traits of the meat productivity body weight at slaughtering, average daily and net gain and quantity of meat and bones in the carcass.
After accomplishing lineal measurements of the carcass after slaughtering, statistically proved phenotypic correlations have been ascertained only between the girth of round with the carcass traits body weight, average daily and net gain, weight of cooled carcass and quantity of meat and fat in the carcass.

Key words: breed, carcass, output, body measurements, meat productivity