The Theoretical Basis for Optimum Levels of the Energy Consumption Rates in Grain Production


Research Institute for Mechanization and Electrification of the Agriculture, BG 1731 Sofia, Bulgaria


IVANOV, D., 1999. The theoretical basis for optimum levels of the energy consumption rates in grain production. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 697-702

A new field in human knowledge is nowadays in its way of getting a shape the theory of the bioenergetic evaluation and analysis of fuel and energy. The beginning of this science was set on a congress held in August 1975 in Sweden by a working team on methodlogy og the management of the International Federation of the long-term research institutes. The elaborated joint methodology and the numerous publications that followed from various authors considered single particular matters of the problem, not being subject to a unified scientifically grounded theory and not communicating between themselves. The published results have been of differing objectives and conflicting. Furthermore the general methodology does not provide answers to a number of important questions: when the energy efficiency coefficient assumes maximal values, what the optimum energy consumption levels are, what moderate levels of the yields means, etc.

Key words: energy consumption, grain production, optimum energy levels