Treatment of MMA Syndrome in Sows with the Ecologically Safe Preparation Tetrasim


1 Thracian University, Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Andrology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, BG-6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
2 Thracian University, Department of Pathophysiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, BG-6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


MARINKOV, T., T. STOYKOVA, D. KOTCHANKOV, P. PARVANOV, E. SLAVOV and V. SPASOVA, 1999. Treatment of MMA syndrome in sows with the ecologically safe preparation tetrasim. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 801-805

The experiments for treatment of metritis-mastitis-agalactia syndrome in sows using the ecological preparation Tetrasim have been performed. The product was designed for intrauterine application and was elaborated in own laboratories and contained native lysozyme and extract of Folia Cotini coggygriae. The study was performed on 1620 sows from two farms with a different technology of breeding. In this population, 219 sows (13.5%) manifested the typical sings of MMA syndrome characterised with suppurative endo and myometritis appeared 24-48 hours after the parturition and delayed uterine involution. From all affected animals 136 sows (62.1%) were primipdrous and the other 83 (37.9%) were multiparous. Uterine inflammations were evidenced via clinical and biochemical analysis of uterine effluents (Dudenko's test). Tetrasim was intrauterine applied once, twice and thrice at 24 h intervals. In one of two experimental farms (46 animals) i.e. 97.1% of primiparous sows treated with Tetrasim manifested oestrus 7-10 days after weaning and 92.2% of them were pregnant after the first insemination. In the same farm, during the same period after weaning, 81.8% of control sows came in season but 72.8% had to be reinseminated. In the second farm, from 113 animals treated with Tetrasim 95.3% of sows after first parity and 93.6% of sows at several parities manifested oestrus 7-10 days after piglets weaning. The percent of sows pregnant after the first insemination was 96.8% and 91.0% in both groups, respectively.

Key words: sows, mastitis, metritis, agalactia, treatment, tetrasim