Work Motivation in the Agricultural Sector


University of National and World Economy, Department Agribusiness, BG- 1185 Sofia, Bulgaria


KRAEVA MITEVA, A., 1999. Work motivation in the agricultural sector. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 5: 957-962

The article reveals problems of the work motivation of the personnel engaged in the agribusiness. On the basis of the current theories in this area is validated a methodological approach as well as indicators for researching the motivational level in the agricultural area.
The motivational profile of the engaged personnel in the family farms, co-operatives and limited partnerships was analysed. To this end a survey was conducted with different categories of personnel, the results of which were summarised in motivational profiles.
On this basis conclusions and suggestions were made for enhancing the motivational environment in the different organisational structures in the agribusiness.

Key words: work motivation, agribusiness, family farms, co-operatives, limited partnership