Isoelectrophoretic Studies of Stage Specificity of Soluble Protein Expression of Apis mellifera L.

1 University of Plovdiv, Department of Genetics, BG-4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2 Institute of Fish Breeding and Aquacultures, Varna, BG-9000 Varna, Bulgaria


IVANOVA, E., I. DOBROVOLOV and P. TERSIEVA, 2001. Isoelectrophoretic studies of stage specificity of soluble protein expression of Apis mellifera L. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 73-76

The present investigation aims at elucidating some peculiarities in the stage specificity of expression of the water-soluble proteins of honeybees. Isoelectric focusing in thin polyacrylamide gel was carried out. Specimens of different developmental stages and sexes were compared: unsealed and sealed larvae, dark-eyed pupae and imago forms (worker bees and drones). All samples were total extracts of individuals. The extraction was done in distilled water for 18 hours at 4 °C. The proteins were developed with Coomassie Brilliant blue.
There were found 34 fractions in unsealed larvae, 30 in sealed larvae, 36 – in dark-eyed pupae, 40 – in worker bees and 38 in drones. There is stage specificity of expression of the determined water-soluble proteins.

Key words: Apis mellifera, soluble proteins, expression, stage specificity