Breeding Wheat Lines for Host-Plant Resistance to Cereal Leaf Beetle by Using the Cross-Mutation Method

Dobroudja Agricultural Institute, BG-9520 General Toshevo, Bulgaria


KOSTOV, K., 2001. Breeding wheat lines for host-plant resistance to cereal leaf beetle by using the cross-mutation method. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 7-14

Seventeen stable cross-mutation lines (M4F5), their five parents (ANL 1-14-2, Vel, Pliska, Sadovo1 and Yantar) and six cross-breeding lines, as well as checks, were used in this study.
It was proved that the integrated method (cross-breeding F1 progenies in combination with irradiation treatment) is an effective means to improve wheat for host-plant resistance to cereal leaf beetle.
The results indicated that through irradiating the agronomic characters of wheat cross-mutation lines useful variability may occur. The potential practical application of this variability is to produce wheat lines resistant to cereal leaf beetle more easily than by conventional breeding. The obtained cross-mutation lines (irradiation treatment with 10 Gy) 834-125, 834-346, 876-159 and 876-211 had higher yield potential and better resistance to cereal leaf beetle than the lines produced by using irradiation 15 Gy and conventional breeding technique.

Key words: wheat breeding, mutation, host-plant resistance, cereal leaf beetle
Abbreviations: CBL – cross-breeding line; CML – cross-mutation line; cv. – cultivar