Changes in Amino Acid Composition and Content of Plastid Pigments in Alfalfa Regenerant Lines Under the Influence of Drought

Forage Research Institute, BG – 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria


ILIEVA, A. and V. RADEVA, 2001. Changes in amino acid composition and content of plastid pigments in alfalfa regenerant lines under the influence of drought. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 175-178

The study was carried out in the greenhouse of the Forage Research Institute – Pleven under controlled conditions and provoked drought with 3 alfalfa regenerant lines R1.2, R2.4, R1.1 obtained in the system for somatic embryogenesis in presence of PEG. In the study of adaptation abilities the regenerant lines were compared with the initial form T1by content of amino acids, free proline and plastid pigments.
It was found that the lines R2.4 and R1.2 with better adaptation ability in comparison with T1 are superior to it by content of total and essential amino acids, free proline. They are with less decrease of the content of plastid pigments. The regenerants R2.4 and R1.2 which are close to the initial form T1 by morphology and productivity and have better adaptation ability than it, are included in a polycross plot for development of a synthetic variety.
Lines R1.1 is considerably more susceptible to drought.

Key words: alfalfa regenerant plants, amino acid, free proline, plastid pigments