Yield and Composition of Milk from Bulgarian White Dairy Goat

1 Research Institute of Animal Science, BG-2232 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria
2 Institute of Upland Stockbreeding and Agriculture, BG-5600 Troyan, Bulgaria


PETROVA, N., P. ZUNEV, G. UZUNOV and G. GERCHEV, 2001. Yield and composition of milk from Bulgarian white dairy goat. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 179-184

A study was carried out to establish milk production and composition of the 119 lactating goat from Bulgarian white dairy breed at different lactation, 32 numbers at first lactation, 50 at second and 37 over second lactation.
Individual milk samples of goats were taken four times during the lactation period at monthly intervals over a period from April to July 1999.
Investigated Bulgarian white dairy lactating animals have not statistically proved differences (P > 0.05) in milk production at 3.2% fat corrected milk (3.06%, 3.33% and 3.27% for first, second and over second lactation, respectively) and at 3.0% protein corrected milk (1.93%, 2.28% and 2.26% for first, second and over second lactation respectively). There were found statistically significant differences in the lactose content between second and over second lactation (P < 0.05) and no statistically significant differences were found in the freezing point (P > 0.05). The freezing point (-0.547 °C) was almost the same in milk from animals at different lactation and was too lower compared with the limits (-0.520 °C) for goats milk.
The results for somatic cells count differ statistically between first and over second (P < 0.001) and second and over second (P < 0.001) lactation respectively.
Mean values for fat (%), protein (%), lactose (%), freezing point (°C), total solids (%), solids non fat (%) and somatic cell/ml for first, second and over second lactation were 4.66, 4.35 and 4.49; 2.76, 2.82 and 2.87; 4.25,4.29 and 4.19; -0.546, -0.547 and -0.547; 12.82, 12.62 and 12.61; 8.15,8.26 and 8.22; 1 140 000, 1 524 000 and 2 916 000 respectively.
The prepared yoghurt was with good quality (time for coagulation, 133 min; acidity at coagulation, 75 0T) and normally dynamic of whey separation – 75.2% at 180 min.

Key words: goat milk, milk yield, milk composition