Phenotypic and Genotypic Parameters of the Basic Estimations from the Complex Assessment in Horses from Arabian Breed

Agricultural Institute, BG-9700 Shoumen Bulgaria


SABEVA, I., 2001. Phenotypic and genotypic parameters of the basic estimations from the complex assessment in horses from Arabian breed. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 325-328

There was used orthogonal set of data containing information about the complex assessment of 151 horses at the age of 2.5, from Arabian breed, born in Kabiuk stud. The variance analysis and the calculation of the genetic parameters were accomplished through mixed models.
The sources of genetic variance at different degrees of probability for the separate groups of traits were the sires and mothers' lines. There was established low hereditary determination of the estimation on the origin and type breed; moderate determination on body measurements and high determination on exterior, constitution and gait. There were calculated low phenotypic and high genetic correlations between the estimations of the body measurements and the estimations of the exterior and quality of movements. The phenotypic and genotypic correlations between the exterior and gait were high.

Key words: genotypic parameters, phenotypic parameters, horses, Arabian breed, complex assessment