Karyotype Study on High Incidence of Neonatal Mortality in Cattle

Forestry University, Faculty of Ecology, Landscape Architecture and Agronomy, BG-1756 Sofia, Bulgaria


DIMITROVA, I., 2001. Karyotype study on high incidence of neonatal mortality in cattle. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 495-498

Eleven animals – one Salers bull, five calves cross Salers x Black and White, and five Black and White calves were cytogenetically investigated. In a group of crossbred calves with high rate of neonatal mortality were observed various non-specific chromosomal anomalies (chromatid and isochromatid breaks and gaps on autosomes or sex chromosomes, aneuploidy). In one calf were found cells with chromosome morphology resembling pulverization. Other calf, originated from a singlebirth, had autonomous XX/XY syndrome.

Key words: cattle, chromosome, break, gap, chromosome pulverization, and aneuploidy