Possibilities for Improvement of Onion Sets Planting Machine MSL-1.6 for Planting of Garlic Cloves

Institute of Horticulture and Canned Foods, BG-4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


MIKHOV, M. and S. VULCHEV, 2001. Possibilities for improvement of onion sets planting machine MSL-1.6 for planting of garlic cloves. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 399-402

In 1999 and 2000 planned factor experiments by the B2 type were carried out to determine the possibilities of the planting unit of the machine MSL-1.6 for planting new varieties of garlic with bigger cloves. Three fractions of cloves were used for planting material. They were separated mechanically into fractions with sizes 10-15 mm, 15-22 mm and more than 22 mm.
The obtained results were processed by the programs for regressionanalysis and statistical methods of optimizing agricultural machinery by a level of significance α = 0.05. They showed that it is possible to plant garlic cloves with sizes under 22 mm by the onion sets planting machine MSL-1.6. It is necessary to equip the planting unit additionally with drums with cells of different sizes. The cloves with sizes 10-15 mm need drums with a depth of the cells 18.7-19.1 mm and the cloves with sizes 15-22 mm need drums with a depth of the cells 23.4-23.8 mm.
In the confines of changing the frequency of rotation of the planting unit satisfies the correct performance of the process at a working speed 1.25m/s.

Key words: garlic bulbs; cloves; mechanized planting; planting unit optimization
Abbreviations: aA – a depth of the cells for fraction A; aB – a depth of the cells for fraction B; cv. – cultivar