Transferrin Allelic and Phenotypic Dynamics of Bulgarian Brown Cattle Herds

1 Institute of Animal Breeding, BG-2230 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria
2 Forestry University, Faculty of Ecology, Landscape Architecture and Agronomy, BG-1704 Sofia, Bulgaria


TENEVA, A., N. CHEMSHIROVA and I. DIMITROVA, 2001. Transferrin allelic and phenotypic dynamics of Bulgarian brown cattle herds. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 7: 505-509

A transferrin polymorphism of total 1217 pedigree animals from Bulgarian Brown cattle breed (669 registered cows, 548 of them with their offspring – 548 calves, descendent of 43 bulls) was studied. Animals were originated from three different herds – Stara Zagora, Korten and Rosa.
Both higher frequency of allele TFA and lower of allele TFD were observed in offspring and they were highly significant different from allelic frequencies of their mothers raised in Rosa' herd. It was not found statistically significant changes in allelic frequencies of transferrin locus in F1-generation of Korten' and Stara Zagora' herds.
It was observed genetic equilibrium in F1-generation on transferrin genotypes of both investigated cattle populations of Korten and Rosa. It was found statistically significant disturbance of genetic equilibrium in Stara Zagora' herd.

Key words: cattle, Bulgarian Brown breed, transferrin polymorphism