Effect of Diet Protein Level on Some Productive Parameters of Karakachan Sheep Breed

Institute of Highland Animal Production and Agriculture, Complex Experimental Station, BG-4700 Smolyan, Bulgaria


ODJAKOVA, Tz., 2002. Effect of diet protein level on some productive parameters of Karakachan sheep breed. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 283–287

The study was carried out on two groups of 14 Karakachan ewes each. The effect of two protein levels (12 and 16% CP, 110 and 90 g DP, respectively) in the concentrate mixture at one and the same energy level on some productive indexes such as average daily milk yield, fat content, milk protein, casein and weight gain of their offspring was studied.
It was established that diet protein level did not affect significantly milk yield of Karakachan ewes during the suckling period. At 110 g DP (digestible protein) content of the concentrate mixture, a tendency to increased solid percentage, fat and protein content of milk was observed as well as higher average daily gain of lambs.

Key words: sheep, diet, protein, milk yield
Abbreviations: DP – digestible protein; CP – crude protein; FUM – feed units of milk; S – solids