Method for Preparing of Reconstituted Collagen from Chicken Skin

Higher Institute of Food and Flavour Industries, BG-4002 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


BOSCHKOVA, K., 2002. Method for preparing of reconstituted collagen from chicken skin. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 115–118

A method for preparing of reconstituted collagen from chicken skin has been developed It is mainly based on the method using human skin as substrate. Two collagen fractions neutral salt-soluble and acid – soluble fractions were obtained by the method. The amino acid analysis of the fractions showed that the quantity of hydroxyproline is 12.1 % for neutral salt soluble fraction and 11.4 % for acid-soluble fraction.
The obtained collagen fractions are suitable for the determination of collagenolytic activity of bacteria.

Key words: collagen, reconstituted collagen, neutral salt-soluble and acid-soluble fractions of reconstituted collagen, chicken skin