Regulation of the Processes Rooting and Vitrification of Sugar Beet in vitro through the Factors of Medium

Agricultural Institute, BG-9700 Shumen, Bulgaria


SLAVOVA, Y., 2002. Regulation of the processes rooting and vitrification of sugar beet in vitro through the factors of medium. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 27–31

The influence of different quantitative participation of the components of medium on the processes rooting and development of the vegetative and root systems of sugar beet in vitro was studied. The investigation was realized on 16 variants of media, in which the components of the initial medium divided into four groups (x1 – inorganic components, x2 – organic components, x3 – vitamins, x4 – hormones) varied quantitatively. It was established that the quantitative changes of the studied combinations of the separate groups of nutrients influenced differently the investigated processes. Vitrification was not observed on some of the media, which permits rooting of new genotypes of sugar beet.

Key words: sugar beet, in vitro, medium, rooting, vitrification