Effectiveness and Selectivity of Some Herbicides on Tomatoes from In-house Propagation

1 Institute of Horticulture and Canned Food, BG-4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2 Agricultural University, BG-4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


TOSKOV, K. and M. DIMITROVA, 2002. Effectiveness and selectivity of some herbicides on tomatoes from in-house propagation. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 223–228

During the period 1999 – 2001 field experiments with herbicides were carried out in the experimental field of the Institute of Horticulture and Canned Food, on alluvial meadow soil type. The herbicides Dual gold 960 EK – 100 and 120 ml/da, Raft 800 WG – 35 g/da*, Fusilade forte – 100 ml/da and Aramo – 100 ml/da were included in the experiment, introduced after transplanting of tomato plants, from Topaz variety, in the phase 3–5th leaf of the weeds. High biological efficacy of the system – soil herbicide + leaf herbicide + 1 manual earth up (88%–92%) was established. Excellent selectivity towards tomato was observed – 1 grade according to the scale of the European Weed Research Society.
According to the factors of variation (year, herbicide combination) the different herbicide combinations have strong effect on the yield (η2 = 0.000)

Key words: tomato, weeds, efficacy, selectivity, yield
Abbreviation: EWRS – European Weed Research Society