Effect of Some Graminicides on Productivity of Spring Forage Pea

Institute of Forage Crops, BG-5800 Pleven, Bulgaria


DIMITROVA, Ts., 2002. Effect of some graminicides on productivity of spring forage pea. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 189–192.

The study was carried out during the period 1999–2001 in the Experimental field of the Institute of Forage Crops – Pleven on leached chernozem. As a result of the study the following more important conclusions were drawn: – The herbicides Aramo and Focus Ultra have a high selectivity to spring forage pea and a typical graminicidal action when applied at a rate of 100 ml/da against annual monocotyledonous weeds at the 2–4 leaf stage of pea and at a rate of 200 ml/da against Johnson grass from rhizomes when applied at weed height of 18–20 cm; – Under a mixed type of weed infestation of areas the graminicides must be applied in a system with an antibroadleaved herbicide – Bazagran 600SL at a rate of 150 ml/da; – The herbicide Dual Gold 960EC is selective to pea and efficient against annual monocotyledonous and some dicotyledonous weeds and Johnson grass from seed when applied at a rate of 100–150 ml/da after sowing before crop emergence; – The treatment of spring forage pea with the graminicides Aramo and Focus Ultra applied alone or in a system with Bazagran 600 SL and with the soil herbicide Dual Gold 900 EC increases grain yield by 18 to 52%.

Key words: spring forage pea, weeds, herbicides, grain yield