Survival and Growth of Salmo Salar Sebago (Salmonidae, Teleostei) Eggs and Larvae Introduced in Fish Farm “Nishava”, Bulgaria

1 Sofia University, Faculty of Biology, BG-1241 Sofia, Bulgaria
2 Consultitive Bureau of Provimi (Holland), BG-1241 Sofia, Bulgaria


YOROV, K., E. UZUNOVA and B. VELKOV, 2002. Survival and growth of Salmo Salar Sebago (Salmonidae teleostei) eggs and larvae introduced in fish farm “Nishava”, Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 251–256

The introduction of a new fish species (Salmo salar m. sebago) in Bulgaria was investigated. The survival rate of introduced eggs was 93.9%. A sample of 300 landlocked salmon and equal number rainbow trout was used for analysis of weight differences and survival rate. For the first 200 days of developing, Salmo salar reached average individual weight of 5.45±0.32 g. A significant overgrowth was found for rainbow trout in comparison with landlocked salmon. Landlocked salmon displayed specific growth rate – 1.77%, nutritional coefficient reached 0.95.

Key words: Landlocked salmon, acclimatization, survival, growth rate