Development Trends of Pig-breeding in Bulgaria during the Preaccession Period (2002–2006)

National Centre for Agrarian Sciences, BG-1373 Sofia, Bulgaria


STOIKOV, A., 2002. Development trends of pig-breeding in Bulgaria during the preaccession period (2002–2006). Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 597–603

Defining the development trends of pig-breeding during the preaccession period (2002–2006) has been necessitated by the extremely adverse state of this agricultural sector in Bulgaria since the start of the reform, by the ever-growing demand for pork, and by the adopted government policy of joining the European Union.
The aim of this paper was to review pig-breeding at home and worldwide over the past decade, the current achievements in genetics, biology, physiology and biotechnology, and on these grounds define the trends in organization and management of processes that will guarantee steady improvement of production effectiveness and quality of pork.

Key words: pig-breeding, preaccession period, pork, EU