Quality Changes of Whiting (Gadus euxinus), Gray mullet (Mugil cephalus), Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus) Fish Species Under Iced Storage


Namık Kemal University in Tekirdağ, Turkey


H. H. ORAK and S. KAYISOGLU, 2002. Quality changes of whiting (Gadus euxinus), Gray mullet (Mugil cephalus), Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus) fish species under iced storage. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 587–596

In this research, were aimed to determine the effect of chilling on the quality of fish, storage period and differences between the three species of the whiting (Gadus euxinus), gray mullet (Mugil cephalus) and anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus) by iced storage, which were caught in Marmara Sea. The fish were processed immediately after catching, and stored in crushed ice with a fish to ice ratio of 1:1 (weight/weight) and fish were kept in the around –1 °C. During the storage period, pH, TVB-N, TMA, TBA, peroxide values and its sensorial evaluation were determined.
In this research anchovy was found the shortest storage period. While anchovy has the shortest storage period, gray mullet were found longest storage period than the other species and the thirteen days of storage period it was thought to keep its freshness values. According to the quality criterion in our research, the storage period of anchovy was determined 7 days. The acceptability of chilled whiting were determined 7–9 days.

Key words: Whitting (Gadus euxinus), Gray mullet (Mugil cephalus), Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus), iced storage, chilling of fish