The Effect of the Type and Doses of Nitrogenous Fertilizers Applied into Soils on Ammonia Volatilization

1 University of Selcuk, Department of Soil Science College of Profession, 42500 Cumra – Konya, Turkey
2 General Directorate of Ruval Services, Nigde, Turkey
3 University of 19 Mayis, Agricultural Faculty, Department of Soil Science, Samsun, Turkey


ER, F., H. POLAT and F. BAYRAKLI, 2002. The effect of the type and doses of nitrogenous fertilizers applied into soils on ammonia volatilization. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 8: 551–554

Ammonia volatilization was measured from different soils treated with different rates of urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, and di-ammonium phosphate. The effects of fertilizer type an dose on ammonia volatilization were evaluated.
Ammonium sulfate had the highest effect on ammonia volatilization during 0–7 days period (3.64 kg.da–1). The percent ammonia volatilization from the fertilizers were 72 %, 84 %, 79 % from urea, ammonium sulfate and di-ammonium sulphate treated soils, respectively, during the first 7 days. The 45 kg.da–1N rate (4 kg.da–1N ) was higher from 15 kg.da–1N rate in terms of ammonia volatilization at .01 significance level. Ammonia volatilization increased as fertilizers applied increased reaching a maximum at 45 kg.da–1N treatment.

Key words: ammonia volatilization, soil, fertilizer type, fertilizer dose