The Relationships Between Some Soil Properties and Fe, Zn, Mn and Cu Contents of Dried Hotamis Lake Soils in Konya

Fatih ER1, A. R. BROHI2 and M. OGUT2
1 University of Selcuk, Department of Soil Science College of Profession, 42500 Cumra – Konya, Turkey
2 University of GOP, Department of Soil Science Agricultural Faculty, Tokat, Turkey


ER, Fatih., A. R. BROHI and M. OGUT, 2003. The relationships between some soil properties and Fe, Zn, Mn and Cu contents of dried Hotamis Lake soils in Konya. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 9: 13–16

This research was designed to determine DTPA soluble Fe, Zn, Mn and Cu content of 150 soil samples taken from Hotamis Lake and to relate these factors to some other soil properties. Multivariate regression analysis showed that clay content and Zn and Cu content are negatively related and that of Fe and Cu are positively related (**P < 0.01). Available Mn and CaCO3 and organic matter content are negatively related (**P < 0.01).Available Cu content and cation exchange capacity are positively related (**P < 0.01).

Key words: survey, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, soil