Study of Introduced Red Clover (Tr. pratense L.) Di- and Tetraploid Varieties Grown in Central North Bulgaria

Research Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and Agriculture, BG-5600 Troyan, Bulgaria


GORANOVA, G., B. CHOURKOVA and T. MIHOVSKI, 2003. Study of introduced red clover (Tr. pratense L.) Di- and tetraploid varieties grown in Central North Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 9: 167–171

From 2000 to 2002 a variety assessment test was conducted using the following red clover varieties: KS-1 (reference), Formica, Milvus, Renova, Temara, Vanessa, Barfiola and Tedi and examining the parameters of forage and seed productivity under the conditions of Central North Bulgaria. Among the tested varieties cv. Renova stood out for its uniform distribution of annual dry vegetative mass yield, high sward density and stem leafiness. Therefore it was found suitable for establishing of monoculture swards and for supplying of hereditary plasma for breeding purposes. Vanessa cv. was found suitable component for grass mixtures for hay utilization due to its high leafiness, which persisted over the seasons and the biomass yield. From morphological point of view cv. Formica proved of interest with its high leafiness which renders it suitable for pasture utilization.

Key words: red clover variety tests, morphological traits, productivity, botanical composition