Effect of the Ovocap Preparation on Reproductive Parameters of Hens and Turkeys

1 Neofit Rilski South-West University of Blagoevgrad, BG-2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
2 Institute of Animal Sciences of Kostinbrod, Hybrid Centre of Poultry Breeding, BG-6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


KITANOV, I., M. OBLAKOVA and M. LALEV, 2003. Effect of the ovocap preparation on reproductive parameters of hens and turkeys. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 9: 521–526

OVOCAP is a patented preparation, made on the basis of biologically active substances of natural origin. The study was conducted with parent hens Plymouth Rock and Cornish for obtaining a four-line hybrid of broiler chicks – 5900 hens and 556 cocks divided in equal numbers in two groups, trial and control. The birds in the trial group received 2 ml from the preparation, injected in 60 kg feed designed for about 20 g per bird, 1 hour before the main feeding at two consecutive days at 36 weeks of age and at 40 weeks of age. In the experiment were included 300 parent turkeys of age 28 weeks from the line BI – the mother form from the broiler poult production scheme. A trial and control group, each 150, were formed. The treatment of the trial turkeys was per os, administered with the feed, 3 ml per turkey and by the scheme used for the parent hens. When administered per os with the feed in parent hens and in parent turkeys of the White Imperial, it resulted in the increase of the main reproductive parameters. In hens the hatchability in the placed eggs was increased by 0.77 %, 1.09 %, and by 7.58 % in fertilized eggs. In turkeys the laying rate was increased by 5.48 %, hatchability in placed eggs by 8.12 %, and by 3.68 % in fertilized.

Key words: reproduction, turkey, hens, incubation, ovocap