Professor Dr. Sc. Konstantin Terytze - Doctor Honoris Causa of the National Center for Agrarian Sciences - Bulgaria

The Scientific Council of the Bulgarian National Center for Agrarian Sciences on his meeting held November 7, 2003 awarded the degree "Doctor Honoris Causa"to Prof. Dr. Dr. Konstantin Terytze (Germany)

Prof. Konsantin Terytze was born on 19 September 1954 in Varatic. In 1976 he obtains diploma on biochemistry in the Governmental University of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. During the 1976 - 1978 he works as a researcher in the Institute for Biological Methods for Plant Protection in Chisinau. He graduated from the Humboldt University with Ph.D. in biological methods of plant protection in 1982. Later on, between 1985 - 1991 he works in the Institute of Geography and Geoecology in the Berlin Academy of Science as a deputy director of the laboratory. His research efforts during that period are directed towards development of chemical and ecotoxicological methods for soil and water quality assessment. Since 1991 he works in the Free University in Berlin, Department of Earth Sciences, where he is a lecturer on Environmental Chemistry and Soil Ecology. Here he obtained Dr. Sc. Nat. degree in Ecological chemistry. Since 1995 he is a Professor on Geoecology at the Free University - Berlin, where he is presently working. Together with his University duties he is a head of a working group in performing scientific projects on geoecology and environmental organic chemistry. In the same time he is working in Federal Environmental Agency (Germany), where he is a deputy head of the Department of Soil ecology and Soil quality. Some additional scientific activities of Prof. Dr. Sc. Konstantin Terytze can be listed as follows.

Since 1997 he is a member of the Moldovian Academy of Science.
The activities of Prof. Dr. Sc. Konstantin Terytze cover four main directions:

The main achievements of Prof. Dr. Sc. K. Terytze in the above mentioned fields of activities can be summarized as follows:

Significant are the achievements of Prof. K. Terytze connected with harmonization of the methods for sampling, preparation and analysis of samples from soil, water and plants, as well as methods for risk assessment in the EC countries. This is among the most actual scopes of researches since 1990, when starts the access of the Central and Eastern European countries to EU.
The applied national or local methods for soil and plant analysis till now, as a rule, give results, which are not compatible with the same received in other countries and put obstacle to use unified system for environment monitoring. For these reasons in the beginning of 90s German government accepts a special programme and supports scientific projects, directed towards harmonization of the methods and standards of the candidate countries with those accepted in EU. In the area of environmental protection most of this projects have been coordinated by Prof. Terytze. The results from these projects have been published in a number of the monographs pointed below:

Summary of the results received in the frame of this programme was made in 2001, when in Sofia was held International Workshop entitled: Assessment of the Quality of Contaminated Soils and Sites in Central and eastern European Countries (CEEC) and New Independent states (NIS). The presented papers have been published in proceeding edited by Prof. Terytze.
Since 1994 up to now Prof. Terytze have been involved in the implementation of 8 projects for soil protection in Bulgaria, part of which funded by the German Federal Ministry of Environment from one hand, and on the other hand by the Ministry of Environment and Waters of Bulgaria. From Bulgarian side these projects weave performed with participation of three organizations including: the Agency of Environment - 3 projects, Institute of Soil Science - 1 project, Institute for Sustainable Development - 4 projects. The results have been published in the form of special reports and in scientific journals. Here are presented some of the most important titles:

It has to be mentioned the Doctoral dissertation thesis of a Ph.D. student from Bulgaria titled: "Heavy metals and priority organic pollutants in soil of Bulgaria". Prof. K. Terytze was a supervisor and the thesis and the project was successfully completed in 2001.
At present Prof. K. Terytze participate a project for determination of trigger and action values for heavy metals in Bulgarian soils, depending on land use and receptors types for protection.
These projects mentioned aboveare of great importance for Bulgaria. Through them the country practically accepts the European standards connected with risk assessment for soil pollution and the impact of pollutants in soil on plants, groundwater, animals and humans. These standards are on risk based and can be estimated as a step towards the integration of our national policy and decision making regarding soil and water protection in accordance with the requirements of the EU. Prof. Terytze has a leading role in the performance of these projects, particularly in defining of the conceptual and methodological frame, as well as in evaluation of the results.
Prof. Terytze is author or co-author of more than 190 scientific publication and papers, including 12 monographs. Almost all of them are in the field of the applied ecology. They contain original data obtained by using scientific research methods. He is well known among the scientists in Germany, other European countries and all over the world with his original ideas, precise experiments and the achieved results. Especially for Central and Eastern European countries he is among the outstanding persons with great influence for the development of scientific and applied research in the area of soil and environment protection. He has exceptional working capacity and unbelievable enthusiasm for his subject and for research. His working languages are German, Russian, English and on Moldovian.
Prof. Terytze is one of the few foreign scientists, who during the last 10 years persistently supported contacts with the scientific community in Bulgaria. The position he holds in Germany, as well as in many international organizations makes him especially authoritative and perspective. The honorary title Doctor Honoris Causa could be considered as acknowledgment of his efforts for development of scientific co-operation with Bulgaria. This title could have a more practical sense and could be defined as a step for creation of Bulgarian lobby among the scientific community in Germany in the area of applied ecology and agriculture, which can be used for further integration with other German institutions. This is especially important for the development of joint research project with participation of both countries, as well as other European partners, connected with the following areas:

From 2001 Prof. K. Terytze became a member of the Editorial Board of Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science.
We hope the above listed field of activities will be developed on the base of close cooperation with the National Center of Agrarian Sciences of Republic of Bulgaria - the expectations are that Prof. Dr.Dr. Konstantin Terytze will play a leading role in these perspective

Prof. Dr. Sc. Ivan Atanassov