Productivity of Winter Forage Pea (Pisum sativa L.) Depending on the Phenological Stage and the Height of Cutting During Two-Cut Harvesting - for Forage and for Grain

Institute of Forage Crops, BG - 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria


KERTIKOV, T. S. and D. V. KERTIKOVA, 2004. Productivity of winter forage pea (Pisum sativa L.) depending on the phenological stage and the height of cutting during two-cut harvesting - for forage and for grain. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 311-315

The objective of this study carried out during the period 2000 - 2003 was to determine the forage yield from primary growth at different heights of cutting, the grain yield from regrowth and the total crude protein yield during two-cut harvesting of winter forage pea, as compared to its one-cut harvesting. It was found that depending on the heights and the phenological stages of cutting of the primary growth 37.3 to 66.0 % grain and 39.5 to 66.1 % crude protein were obtained from the regrowth of winter forage pea variety Mir, as compared to the control harvesting only once for grain. During the two-cut harvesting (for forage + grain) the total yield of crude protein increased by 53.9 to 91.9 %, as compared to the control harvesting only once for grain. The highest total yield of crude protein was obtained when harvesting the primary growth for forage at the phenological stage of budding at a height of cutting of 15 cm and the regrowth for grain.

Key words: winter forage pea, two-cut harvesting, forage, grain, protein
Abbreviations: CP - crude protein, DM - dry mass, h - heights, C - control