Photoassimilate Transport and Localization in Pear Cultivar Williams as Depending on the Growing Fruit Position on Spurs

Fruit Growing Institute, BG-4004 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


GANDEV, St. and St. MAVRODIEV, 2004. Photoassimilate transport and localization in pear cultivar Williams as depending on the growing fruit position on spurs. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 317-322

The experiment was conducted with pear cv. Williams, grown at the Fruit Growing Institute, Plovdiv. The reproductive mixed bud complex and the remote transport within the spurs were observed and discussed. It was established that within the vegetative-reproductive complex the primary leaves and those of bourse shoots were not sufficient for the actively growing fruit. Thus, only a part of the fruit was supplied with photosynthetic products. It was assessed that the remote transport within spurs was determined not by the linear proximity but by the phloem donor-acceptor connection. The results obtained showed that the separate vegetative shoot structures supplied with a priority not only definite fruits but also definite fruit structures.

Key words: pear, 14C-photoassimilates, fruit position