Reproductive Qualities of Some Pig Breeds Raised in the Nucleus and Reproductive Herds in Poland

1 Academia Rolnicza, Lyublin, Poland
2 Agricultural Institute, BG-9700 Shumen, Bulgaria


SZOSTAK, B., St. SLANEV and A. APOSTOLOV, 2004. Reproductive qualities of some pig breeds raised in the nucleus and reproductive herds in Poland. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 383-387

The control and the evaluation of the sows are prerequisites to analyze the actual state of selection and the changes arose in the studied populations. The information of the National Selection Center in the town of Lyublin was analyzed. The reproductive qualities of sows from the breeds - Polish Large White, Polish Landrace, Pulawy, Hampshire, Duroc and Pietrain were studied. The Polish Landrace pigs had the highest relative part (56-58%) compared to the rest dam breeds. The reproductive abilities of sows from the Polish Large White and the Polish Landrace breeds were significantly better (P<0.001) compared to the Pulawy breed. The sows raised in the private sector compared to those in the public sector had better productivity as in the dam breeds as in the sire breeds. The Hampshire pigs exceeded the Duroc and Pietrain pigs by reproductive ability.

Key words: sow, reproduction, Polish Large White, Polish Landrace, Pulawy, Duroc and Pietrain