Effect of Lactina Probiotic Supplement to Broiler Chicks' Diet

1 Institute of Animal Breeding, BG-2232 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria
2 NDNIVMI, BG- 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria


STOYANOV, D., S. SURDJIISKA, M. DIMITROVA, B. GIUROV and V. NAYDENOV, 2004. Effect of Lactina probiotic supplement to broiler chicks' diet. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 389-394

The purpose of this research work was to study the effect of Bulgarian probiotic Lactina (based on lactic and acid bacteria) on the growth of broiler chicks, feed conversion, health, carcass traits, poultry chemical composition, some hematological and immunological blood indexes, intestinal microflora composition and economic efficiency of the product, applied as an alternative to nutritive antibiotics.
A trial was carried out with 300 day-old male chicks of the hybrid combination Cobb 500, distributed into 3 groups x 100 each: Group I - control (no growth promoters were used), Group II -flavophospholipol supplemented and Group III - Lactina supplemented.
Another scientific - economic trial with 22,000 chicks of the same hybrid combination was carried out with the following two groups: Group I - control, without growth stimulator and Group II - trial, with Lactina supplement. The supplement of Lactina probiotic to the feedstuffs for broiler chicks resulted in significant increase of chicken body mass with 6-8%, compared to control and improved feed conversion with 4-9%. The use of the probiotic throughout the rearing period led to higher water and protein content and lower fat in chicken breast muscle. The biological effect of Lactina probiotic proved equal to the nutritive antibiotic flavophospholipol. The economic analysis of the results of the scientific - economic trial showed additional revenue of BGL 1,300 from 10,000 chicks, resulting from the supplement of 400-g Lactina per 1-t feedstuffs.

Key words: broiler chicks, probiotic, poultry meat quality