The Comparision of the Physical Characteristics of Two Different Types of Engine Oils Used in Tractors

1 Department of Agricultural Machinery, Vocational School, Thrace University, Tekirdag, Turkey
2 Department of Agricultural Machinery, Thrace University, Tekirdag, Turkey


KILIC, ERDAL and SELCUK ARIN, 2004. The comparision of the physical characteristics of two different types of engine oils used in tractors. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 401- 407

In this research, two different types of engine oils, super V 20W/50 and Terrak 15W/40 were used in two different models of tractors, MF-285 and Fiat 60-56 in a 200 hour period. Based on the laboratory analyses of the extracts taken from the engine oils, viscosity index, kinematic viscosity, flash point, specific gravity and total base number values were determined.
The laboratory analyses of the extracts provided the following values: viscosity index is 92-147; kinematic viscosity 67.75-179.39 cSt at 40°C and 8.93-18.11 cSt at 100°C; specific density 0.8714 - 0.9109 g/cm3; total base number 3.4-10.5 mg/g; and flash point 195-225°C. When compared with those of the unused oil, the values for viscosity index, kinematic viscosity, flash point and total base number were lower while only the specific gravity values for both oils used in the test rose. The opinion of the authors is that this increase on specific gravity value might be attributed to contaminats from the external environment.

Key words: engine oil, tractor, kinematic viscosity, viscosity index, flash point