Optimization of Nutritive Medium with the Purpose of Rooting of Fodder Beet (Beta vulgaris L. var. crassa) through in vitro Method

1 Agricultural Institute, BG - 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria
2 Institute for Cryobiology and Food Technology, BG - 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria


SLAVOVA, Y., D. NENKOVA and I. IVANOVA, 2004. Optimization of nutritive medium with the purpose of rooting of fodder beet (Beta vulgaris L. var. crassa). Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 465-468

The result defined above was achieved after certain concentrations - 1.00; 0.05; 0.02 and 0.01 mg/l of the preparation Risomil were introduced into the nutritive medium used for rooting, instead of 1.00 mg/l NAA (α - naphthile acetic acid). It was established that the preparation Risomil in concentration of 1.00mg/l within the nutritive medium has lethal effect upon plants (plants die completely).
The optimization of the nutritive medium so that it could be successfully used for rooting of fodder beet vegetative buds was achieved with concentration one hundred times smaller than the lethal (0.01 mg/l). The result was 80.4% rooting, averagely 30 genotypes.

Key words: Beta vilgaris L. var. crassa, fodder beet, nutritive medium, in vitro rooting