Influence of Polyvitamine Patent Medicines on the Natural Resistance of Newborn Pigs

1 National Diagnostic Research Veterinary Institute, BG-1606 Sofia, Bulgaria
2 National Veterinary Service, BG-1606 Sofia, Bulgaria


BONOVSKA, M., L. ANGELOV, D. ILIEVA, E. CHALEVA, Y. ENCHEVA, A. ABASS and E. ILIEV, 2004. Influence of polyvitamine patent medicines on the natural resistance of newborn pigs. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 643-648

The pharmacological effect from the newborn pig administration of two different polyvitamine patent medicines Bella-multivit and Vit.AD3E, recommended in cases of hypo- and avitaminosis, and for increase of the young animal organism resistance, were studied.
12 new-born pigs were treated muscularly twice in the course of 10 days - right after the birth and on the 10th day. Others 6 piglets were using as control. The changes of some unspecific immunological factors in the blood were traced. Blood samples for the studying were tacked from s. ophtalmicus on the 1t (before treatment) and 30th day after the pig’s birth. The received results were compared with the occurred changes at the untreated pigs.
On the 30th day the phagocyte activity of the leukocytes in the experimental groups is increased with 6-8% and in the control one is decreased with 8%, in comparison with the initial values. The quantity of the serum lysozyme in the first group increased 3.5 times, in the second one- 4 times and in the control group – 6 times, until the complement and bactericide activity stay with very low values till the end of the experiment. The serum proteins do not shows considerable alterations and in the three groups. Changes can be observed in the protein fractions. The serum albumins and alpha globulins are increased in all animals with highest values in the first group - 3.59 and 1.72 g%. Beta- and gamma globulins decreased more twice, but the highest values stays in the second group treated with AD3E.
The values of the A/G- coefficient, determining the immune maturity of the organism, is 0.93 in the group treated with Bella-multivit and almost equal in the other two groups - 0.73 and 0.72, by swine physiological norm 0.7-1.0.

Key words: polyvitamine patent medicines, newborn pigs, phagocytosis, lysozyme, serum proteins