Effect of Damaged Kernel on the End-us Quality of Durum Wheat

Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology, BG-1407 Sofia, Bulgaria


PETROVA, I., 2004. Effect of damaged kernel on the end-us quality of durum wheat. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 207–214

A review of research on main categories damaged kernel influencing the durum wheat end-use quality (safety and processing quality) is made. The effects of sprouted and mildewed kernels, kernels attacked by pests, Fusarium and ergot infected kernels, smudge and black-point, heat damaged kernels, immaturity and frost damage, starchy kernels on wheat safety, milling performance (semolina yield and purity), gluten strength, pasta color and cooked pasta quality is discussed. All these groups damaged kernels are grading factors in durum wheat grade standards, aiming to determine and preserve the safety and commercial value of wheat lots on the basis of processing potential.

Key words: durum wheat, grain damage, safety status, technological quality
Abbreviations: CGC – Canadian Grain Commission; CWAD – Canadian Western Amber Durum; GSCGC – Grading Service Canadian Grain Commission; OGGG – Official Grain Grading Guide; HAD – Hard Amber Durum; FN – Falling Number