Study on Genetic Variations of Esterase in Blood Serum Heart Muscle and Liver of Geese

1 Agricultural Institute, Hybrid Centre of Poultry Breeding, BG-6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
2 Thracian University, BG-6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


OBLAKOVA, M. and S. TANCHEV, 2004. Study on genetic variations of esterase in blood serum heart muscle and liver of geese. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 10: 243–247

Five hundred and sixty gees of the breeds Landen Grey, Local Benkovsky Goose, Hybrid "Bela-1", Wild Wightfront and Sowing Geese were studied. Two types of estherases were established in the blood serum and the frequances of alleles and genotypes by the polymorphic system Es-1 were also dedetermined fined. Four groups were made using the results of 22 parents couple and a hybrid analysis was done with the enzyme Es-1 from 90 of their offsprings. A difference in the speed of Es-1 migration in domestic and wild gees, was established as higher electromobility was found in the wild ones. Following the tissue esterasis, in the heart muscle was fixed one type; Es-10 and in the liver respectively five types: two monomorphic Es-5 and Es-9, and three polymorphic– Es-6, Es-7, Es-8, determined by two-alleles genes.

Key words: geese, electrophoresis, polymorphism, esterases, genotype, allelic frequencies, electromobility