60th Anniversary of Prof. Slavcho Pandeliev, Ph.D. in Agrarian Science

On May 15, 2005, Prof. Slavcho Pandeliev, Ph.D. in Agrarian Science turned 60. After graduation from the Agrarian University in Plovdiv in 1968, Prof. Pandeliev devoted his erudition to Bulgarian agriculture and viticulture.
He started his career as an associate and senior associate in the period of 1970-1976. He was granted a Ph.D. educational and scientific title after defending a Ph.D. thesis in 1976 and appointed as Associate Professor. In the period of 1982 through 1990, Prof. Slavcho Pandeliev marked a strong academic life from Associate Professor to Professor after defending a thesis and acquiring the title Ph.D. in Agrarian Science. In the period of 1990 - 1998, he worked as Professor at the Department of Viticulture and Head of Department in 1999 - 2003.
In 2004, he was appointed Director of the Science and Research Center of the Agrarian University in Plovdiv. His creative career has been devoted to scientific research in the field of formation and structure of grapevine photosynthetic structure, its productivity as affected by certain biological and ecological factors, monitoring vine growth biological response, fruiting and freeze sensitivity as influenced by ecological conditions and in vitro micropropagation of grapevine, etc., which outlines the scientific profile of Prof. Pandeliev as the successor of the founders of Bulgarian school in viticultural science such as Stoev and other authors. He has been the mentor for over 50 graduation and 4 Ph.D. theses.
He has 115 scientific and over 80 popular science publications as an author and in team work. He is the author of 10 textbooks and books, 1 invention, 3 rationalizations and 2 technologies. Along with that, he has participated in the elaboration of strategies with regard to development of viticulture in Bulgaria. As leader and member of a number of research teams, Prof. Pandeliev showed remarkable creative potential and advanced thinking, contributing solutions to issues of viticultural science and field work.
As of 2000, he is member of the Editorial Board of the respectable scientific periodical Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science with significant contribution to its status and popularity.
With his erudition, profound creativity, orderliness and persistence in his research work as well as capacity for impartial evaluation in the discussion of research results, he has become a scientist with indisputable reputation among local and foreign scientific circles.
Let us join in cordial wishes for health, successful work with the young generation of scientists and long lasting creative activity!