Influence of the Nutritional Additive ovocap in Pheasants
II. Physicochemical Composition of m. Pectoralis and m. Biceps femoris

1 Southwestern university " Neofit Rilski", BG-2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
2 Institute of Animal Science, BG-2232 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria


TYUFEKCHIEV, K., P. MARINOVA, M. IGNATOVA, I. KITANOV and T. POPOVA, 2005. Influence of the nutritional additive OVOCAP in pheasants. II. Physicochemical composition of m. Pectoralis and m. Biceps femoris. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci.,11: 595-601

The study was carried out with 40 pheasants (20 males and 20 females) in order to study the effect of the nutritional additive OVOCAP on the physicochemical composition and the adipocyte size in m. Pectoralis and m. Biceps femoris. The birds at the age of 7 months were divided in one control and two experimental groups. The period of the study was 10 weeks, during which the birds were treated 4 times with OVOCAP. The dozes of the additive were 0.250 ml and 0.500 ml per bird respectively for the first and second experimental group. The studied characteristics were as follows: pH 24 h post mortem, water-holding capacity (WHC), muscle colour (R/525 nm), myoglobin, protein and fat contents.
Higher value of pH 24 h post mortem was found in m.Pectoralis of the female pheasants treated with lower doze of the additive. No effect of the additive on this trait was found in m. Biceps femoris.
The nutritional additive OVOCAP has the highest influence on the muscle colour in the pheasants form the first experimental group- significantly brighter in the males (P<0.100) and females (P<0.05). The lower amount of the additive influences significantly m. Biceps femoris in the female birds (P<0.05). In this muscle, OVOCAP has affected the myoglobin content in both male and female birds. The pheasants from the two experimental groups have significantly lower content of myoglobin than those from the control group (P<0.100 and P<0.05).
The lower amount of the additive increases intramuscular fat in the male pheasants compared to those from the control group.
In the birds of both sexes from the experimental groups there is a trend of or significantly lower diameter of the adipocytes (P<0.100 and P<0.05 for the males and females respectively).

Key words: pheasants, nutritional additive OVOCAP, m. Pectoralis, m. Biceps femoris