Ecological Agriculture in Greenhouses

Trakya University, Corlu Vocational High School, Greenhouse Department, Turkey


ERYILMAZ ACIKGOZ, FUNDA, 2005. Ecological agriculture in greenhouses. Bulg.J. Agric. Sci., 11: 719-724

Ecological agriculture is an alternative production method in order to reset the natural balance which escaped after mistaken applications in the ecological system, mainly; use of synthetic agricultural chemicals, hormones, prohibition of mineral fertilizers and in addition; sowing turn, protection of soil, organic and green fertilizing, increasing resistance of plant, favoring from the biological struggle, and which suggests to set all these facilities in a closed system, aims not only increase in efficiency of the production but also product quality.
In order to increase the profitability, synthetic chemicals are generally used in the greenhouses of the country due to the mono cultural production and especially uncontrolled climate.
As a frequent subject of the recent agenda, hormones used in the greenhouse products reinforces ecological agriculture in the greenhouse as in the other types of agricultural production because of the reasons such as the excess amount of chemical fertilizers and substances used and their remainders; in order to reset the natural balance in the greenhouse production either, to perform a production which is friendly to the human and environment, with its legally agreed name - ecological agriculture - in the country.

Key words: ecological agriculture, greenhouse