Quality of Turkey Eggs in Certain Turkey Lines

Agricultural institute, BG - 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


OBLAKOVA, M., 2005. Quality of turkey eggs in certain turkey lines. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 11: 755-762

Turkeys from the lines Super Heavy (SH), Meat Heavy (MH), Laying Heavy (LH), Laying Light (LL), Northern Caucasian Bronze (NCB) and BIG-6 parent forms imported from Great Britain in 2003 were used in the experiment to obtain the eggs necessary for the research. Equal feeding and raising conditions in accordance with the technological requirements were provided for poultry participating in the experiment.
The following measurements were taken from each egg: weight, index of the shape, index of the yolk, index of the egg white, color of the yolk, thickness of shell with sub-shell membrane, weight of egg white, yolk and. Shell.
The highest weight of egg was in the Big-6 lone at 87.19 g as compared to 84.52 g (P< 0.05) in the SH and 82.69 g at P< 0.01 in the LH. The weight of the shell with the sub-shell membrane was highest at 8.86g in the heaviest eggs obtained from the Big-6 turkeys. The percent of the shell from the whole egg did not vary significantly in all groups. Thickness of the shell with sub-shell membrane was from 0.42 mm in the eggs of the LH turkeys down to 0.38 mm in the eggs of the Big-6 turkeys. Differences were not proven mathematically (P > 0.05). The absolute weight of yolk was within 26.23 g in the Big-6, 27.93 g in the NCB. The relative portion of the yolk from the whole egg was the highest at 33.51% in NCB at P< 0.001 compared to the lowest 30.16% in the Big-6. The LL had the highest yolk index of 44.07% at P< 0.001 compared to 41.40 % in the MH The eggs from the Big-6 surpassed with an absolute weight of the egg white of 51.57 g (by 11.86% higher than) the MH - 45.45 g, NCB - 46.26 g, LL - 45.59 g at P< 0.001, and LH - 47.02 g at P< 0.05. The relative weight of the eggs of the Big -6 - 59.67% surpassed at P< 0.01 the eggs of the MH at 57.11% for this parameter. The egg white index in the groups studied varied from 3.67% in the NCB up to 11.67% in the LL. Differences between the LL and NCB and Big-6 lines were established at P< 0.001, and MH at P< 0.05.

Key words: turkey, way of breeding, egg quality characteristics, egg weight
Abbreviations: Super Heavy (SH), Meat Heavy (MH), Laying Heavy (LH), Laying Light (LL), Northern Caucasian Bronze (NCB) and BIG-6