Energy Evaluation of the Technologies and the Tools for Straw Gathering

1 Institute of Land Reclamation and Mechanization, BG - 1331 Sofia, Bulgaria
2 "Nikola Poushkarov" Institute of Soil Science, BG - 1080 Sofia, Bulgaria


IVANOV, D., T. MITOVA, G. KOSTADINOV and I. DIMITROV, 2005. Energy evaluation of the technologies and the tools for straw gathering. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 11:763-773

An energy analysis of the technologies and the tools for bale-processing of straw in mode of standard parallepiped bales has been conducted. Different gathering units formed by tractor TK-80 and UMZ-6L and aggregated to them different type straw presses-pickers. There are formed the following gathering units: 1st variant - TK-80+PS-1,6; 2nd variant - TK-80+PSB-1,6; 3rd variant - TK-80+K-442; 4th variant - TK-80 i-K-453; 5th variant - TK-80+K454; 6th variant - UMZ-6L+PS-1,6; 7th variant - UMZ-6L+PSB-1,6; 8th variant - UMZ-6L+K-442. The results from comparative energy analylsis with bale-processing, picking up, loading, transport and unloading of bales, are shown. In the present study are included the results from the energy analysis of rolled sraw presses-pickers PRP-1,6 (Russia), Rolllant-85 (Germany) and Z-230 (Poland) in different aggregated variants with tractors from tractive class 1,4. Generally, nine variants of straw gathering in mode of largescaled rolled bales were examined, including 5 main operations: bale-processing, dragging, loading, transport and stiffing. For straw gathering in mode of largescalled parallepiped bales, a technological line of company "HESSTON" - USA was examined. For picking up, pressing and dragging of the straw from the field, the straw press-picker "H-4830"+bale's platform + tractor "FIAT" was used. According to the technology of straw gathering in mode of pressed heaps, two based variants were examined. A total energy comparative analysis, of all technologies of straw gathering from cereal crops, has been conducted.

Key words: energy evaluation, straw, gathering, mechanization, press-picker